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Razer Raiju

New Razer Raiju is a gaming controller for all Android smartphone running 6.0 or more via Bluetooth or USB-C (or micro USB with the included adapter). The Razer Raiju Mobile is launched on Wednesday with the interesting accessory for gaming lovers.

razer raiju wireless


The Razer Raiju is very similar in shape of other game controllers. This gaming controller gives two analogue sticks and two set of four buttons with volume controller button. A very interesting part of razer raiju is the battery. After charging, the batteries of Razor Raiju run for 23 hours.

razer raiju review


This gaming controller is very comfortable in your hand. There is a lot of difference between raiju and other gaming controllers. With the help of Razor, your gaming experience will be even better. This gaming controller button is very smooth.

The controller is equipped with an adjustable phone mount that can tilt to 60 degrees and has your standard control sticks, face buttons and D-pad we’re all used to but also features trigger stops and a hair trigger mode for those fun quick-fire moments. The keys and thumb-sticks can be customized in the Razer Android app.

Price of Razor Raiju is only $150.

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